candy critters is a vibrant one-stop shop for artist-made merchandise. we are heavily inspired by nostalgia, anime, video games, and cartoons!we provide a wide selection of both handmade and professionally manufactured items.
we currently specialize in delivering high quality art prints, blankets, fanny packs, hand-painted wooden pins and magnets, journals, keychains, lanyards, paintings, standees, and stickers featuring our original artwork. we are always researching new ways to expand our catalogue!
it is our goal to continue bringing you the cutest art possible, please use the links provided to find us on social media and follow our journey!

(bonus points: candy critters is owned and operated by the world's hottest gay moms, and they're in love!!)

thank you for your interest in commissioning us!
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if you're interested in something else, feel free to contact us!

* = no live link at this time, please use our contact page!here are some examples of the commission styles that we offer:

fursona keychains
reference sheet